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Robyn Killick

Robyn Killick


Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

I am passionate about providing the best possible learning experience for all children. I believe that I am an inspiration to my pupils and enable every child to achieve their personal best, to not be afraid of making mistakes, and in fact to see mistakes as something that can be celebrated as they create learning opportunities. I aim to empower students to have ownership over their learning, to question, reason and to create order and meaning from their experience of life. I am motivated by challenge and being put in new situations. I always strive to be the best that I can be and am not afraid to embrace problems with a solution focused mindset.

What is your educational experience?

I have been working in Primary Education for the past 12 years and am currently a Middle Leader in a Primary school in Greater London. Previously, I worked as a borough advisory teacher and now lead a team to strive towards becoming ‘Outstanding’. I have also gained leadership and coaching experience when working in an International through school in Dubai for two years.

What is your educational specialism?


Curriculum design

Coaching and Mentoring

What do you like doing outside of work?

My favourite thing to do is to be outside, going on long dog walks with my family. I also love reading and bring my kindle with me everywhere I go! I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures and aim to make sure that I see at least four new countries every year.