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Tanya Haigh

Tanya Haigh


  • Experienced Primary & Senior Leader and Headteacher
  • Inclusion Manager across a large Primary Federation with a focus on SEND and Vulnerable groups
  • Teaching and Learning Consultant with the Local Authority
  • Specialist Leader in Education with local Teaching School
Subject,Key Stage,Curriculum

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

As an educator, I have a passion for supporting the development of Teaching and Learning. I am passionate about Quality First Teaching and the power this has on a daily basis to really improve outcomes for pupils; not just academically but for the child as a whole. High quality teaching which is inclusive; stimulating; creative; skills-based and multi-sensory, alongside being based on accurate assessment; differentiated appropriately to meet individuals’ needs; well-paced and structured and centred on progression is not always easy, but is the most powerful tool we have to really build self-esteem and raise attainment at all levels. The experiences we collectively provide for children in Primary education, alongside the dispositions and attitudes which are established, are key to producing successful learners across Primary and beyond. In my opinion these qualities are essential to children becoming confident and successful, both in school and at home. The opportunities we provide for our children, in the classroom, through extra-curricular activities, extended day services and through parents in partnership ensure enquiring, resilient learners. It is the responsibility of all schools to ensure that, in driving forward their own development, these values can be delivered. I am committed, organised and am able to collaborate, and the positive feedback I have had from the teachers and members of the school community that I have worked with demonstrate that I am friendly yet professional, approachable and supportive. Staff respect me and consequently we work well together: I have built excellent working relationships with others. I believe I have the ability to inspire and lead by maintaining both professionalism and compassion and keeping the well- being of the children firmly in focus in all that I do. Improvement has been achieved through a supportive team approach which recognises and values people for their individual abilities whilst encouraging them to develop skills and strengths. However, I am also able to coach and challenge where this is needed in order to support and develop people in their role. I have held a variety of roles which have proven that I am a team player, yet also a leader and manager with a solutions driven attitude. I work through an ethos of collaboration and consultation, encouraging and enabling others to share and explore new ideas. However, as and when necessary, I am able to provide guidelines and clarity of vision and practice in order that all stakeholders are working towards the same goal or using the same systems. I enjoy working within a culture of close, mutually supportive relationships with all members of the school community and believe this can only be achieved through the development of open communication and trust. I firmly believe that happy and positive staff are the key to a happy and positive school, and that building relationships (with pupils, families, staff and partnership agencies) is key to delivering an outstanding education. I am a respectful and reflective person. I have excellent organisational skills and greatly enjoy the challenge of working in the dynamic environment of a school. I ensure all aspects of school life run smoothly in order that teaching staff can remain focused on delivering consistently high quality teaching to their pupils.

What is your educational experience?

I am an experience teacher, leader and Headteacher with 22 years’ experience across Primary age range. I was Headteacher and Senior Leader for 6 years with a track record of working in improving schools, and an Inclusion Manager across a large Primary Federation with a focus on SEND and Vulnerable groups. I am also a Teaching and Learning Consultant with the Local Authority, and a Specialist Leader in Education with a local Teaching School.

What is your educational specialism?

My specialisms include:

  • Teaching, learning and pedagogy.
  • English
  • YR and KS1
  • Phonics and reading development
  • Leadership
  • SEND

What are your key qualifications?

  • BA Hons (QTS) from University of the West of England 1997
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination, University of Gloucester 2014.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I believe it is important to balance your working life with outside interests and I enjoy a rewarding career alongside wider interests. I am an avid reader and enjoy reading further around education as well as for pleasure. I particularly enjoy crime and thrillers! I am very interested in healthy eating and at one point ran my own Slimming World group. I also try to keep fit and healthy and go running, to the gym and attend a weekly Zumba class. I enjoy spending time with my family and my girls are now at an age where we can enjoy many things together. We like to go on trips to London including theatre visits. We enjoy cooking together and also attending food shows to gain lots of hints and tips.