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SATs 2022: What you need to know

The last SATs seem a lifetime ago, and with such a large amount of content published by the government about their return this year it’s no surprise that many teachers and leaders are feeling anxious.

That’s why we have decided to collate the information given about the SATs into a concise summary for you.

What will SATs testing look like in 2022?

In summer 2022 there will be:

  • Y4 multiplication check (MTC)
  • Y6 SATs in R M and GPS
  • Y6 teacher assessment (TA) in writing and science (and TA in R W M (but not science) for pupils working below the NC. Assessment frameworks for that are here)

There will be no:

  • Science sampling this year
  • STA moderating of LA moderating teams
  • "D code" in teacher assessment of writing (this is for disapplied children)

In addition, "The Engagement Model" now officially replaces P Scales for children “working below the standard of the national curriculum and not engaged in subject-specific study". It's an ongoing teacher-assessment tool, but you need to report to the DfE at the end of Y6 to say which children have been on it. More information can be found on the Engagement Model here. In short, though, there are five "areas of engagement" in the taxonomy: exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation.

Key dates to remember

14 Feb-11 Mar - HTs should enter pupils' details onto the Primary Assessment Gateway. (This includes PRUs and Special Schools even when their children aren't taking any tests.)

25-29 Apr - test packs arrive at schools

9-12 May - SATs week

  • Monday - GPS paper 1 (grammar, 45mins) + paper 2 (spelling, c.15mins untimed)
  • Tuesday - Reading (1hr to read + complete)
  • Wednesday - Maths 1 (arithmetic, 30mins) + Maths 2 (reasoning, 40mins)
  • Thursday - Maths 3 (reasoning, 40mins)

20 May - deadline to submit the headteacher's declaration form (HDF). This is the date when mark schemes will be made available too.

6-24 June - MTC check - 25 questions, timed, online. You're advised to do the check within the first two weeks if possible, so you've got time to catch-up with absent ch, or deal with technical issues, in the final week.

6-28 June - LAs do their writing moderations

27 June - MTC results out

28 June - deadline for submitting TA data: writing and science for most children; also pre-key-stage TA in R W M, and Engagement Model data for those not engaged in subj-specific study.

5 July - SATs test results are out. Test papers are returned to schools on this date too.

15 July - deadline to apply for a marking review.


If you would like further support in feeling confident and secure about the return of SATs in summer 2022, our ever-popular "SATs Head Start" workshop-style courses are available for GPS, Maths and Reading.