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David Maytham

Chief Executive Officer

  • Experienced consultant and outstanding school improver
  • Responsible for developing innovative new ideas to help schools and teachers improve the quality of children's education
  • Also available as a keynote speaker

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TT Education wins School Improvement Provider of the Year 2021 (for the fourth year!)

We are incredibly proud of our team to have been recognised as School Improvement Provider of the year, by EducationInvestor Global, for an unparalleled fourth year!

We all know that 2021 has been a difficult year for schools, with issues ranging from trying to keep up with online learning to safely re-introducing students back to classrooms. What this has meant for TT Education is that we have pushed ourselves more than ever to meet and exceed the expectations of schools and trusts we work with.

To reflect on the past year, some of our highlights have been that:

  • We continued to develop our course portfolio, so we now have over 250 courses, in order to be responsive to the emerging needs of teachers and leaders. We also regularly updated our courses to meet with new government initiatives and updated frameworks including Ofsted’s 2021 Subject Inspections.
  • Our team of specialist consultants supported schools to provide cohesive support that delivers long-lasting improvement around their specific goals. For example, following one school’s goal to enable subject leaders to develop their action plan for the year ahead, our SIPs worked closely to lead staff to feel more confident in leading their subject areas and knowing what and how they will monitor over the next year.
  • We formed new partnerships with local authorities, groups of schools and academy trusts, to help them meet the specific developmental needs of the schools in their area. In one large Trust, by developing teachers’ understanding of how children perceive writing, we increased the percentage of children who enjoyed their writing from 42% in 2020 to 89% in 2021, in order to achieve the Trust’s goal of improving the quality of writing provision.
  • We became a Kickstart gateway provider, allowing us to secure funding for over 300 roles for young people, and funding worth over £1.5 million for schools! Through this, we were able to support young people with valuable work experience, as well as training which enabled them to positively impact their own and their schools’ development.
  • We developed our membership services to make our outstanding CPD courses easier to access - practically and financially. Within our range of school-wide licenses, School CPD Library and School Improvement Club, schools are able to choose a package that best suits their needs and budget. 

We are intensely proud of the continuously positive feedback we receive from over 99% of the teachers and leaders we work with:

“Every time that we have worked with TT Education, whether it be a training day or consultation, people come away buzzing with ideas and feeling energised, wanting to carry on and do more. You get us thinking and enable us to develop our curriculum and develop as professionals. We are a lot stronger for it, and our children’s experience in the long-run will be better for it.”
- Louise Oddy, Headteacher, St George’s Primary School

“TT Education consultants are very well trained and up to date with national developments. They bring along that research and the evidence-based practice. It feels like a partnership, which is what the best CPD is.”
- Patricia Monk, Headteacher, North Park Primary School.

For the past nine years, we have delivered inspiring and motivating training with tangible, practical ideas that teachers and leaders can take back to their schools to create sustainable improvement through engaged learning and inspirational leadership.

That’s why we’re so thrilled that our dedication and commitment is being recognised and celebrated, motivating us to grow and improve further in the upcoming year.