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CPD Webinars - Bundle of 25

Purchase our bundle of 25 CPD Webinars (School-wide digital licence) and save 20%. This bundle includes a range of 60-minute webinars on primary CPD topics such as boys writing, history, wellbeing, SEN, science, the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and many more.

  • Log in from anywhere with an internet-connected device
  • For every teacher at your school
  • Ask questions that the presenter will answer
  • Access a recording for a further 6 months at any time

Purchase our bundle of 25 CPD webinars for a reduced price of £1999+VAT, a saving of over 20%.

This provides access to every teacher, leader or staff member at your school to log in to the live CPD webinar session - whether at school, from home, or from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

All of our webinars are delivered by a member of our award-winning consultant team, and you can watch a recording which is available to view online at any time for 6 months after the initial broadcast.

With schools in the UK now closing, these webinars will be available throughout the entire period of school closures, with additional, repeating dates for each live webinar to be added every week.

Webinar titles and dates

CPD webinar title1st session date & time2nd (repeat) session date & time
Oracy in the Early Years and Beyond1st April 3pm5th May 3:30pm
Vocabulary Explosion: Raising Standards in Words and Terminology3rd April 11am15th May 1pm
Creating Challenge: Greater Depth Across the Curriculum3rd April 1pm20th May 11am
Getting Boys to Read & Write6th April: 11am6th May 1pm
Drawing on Reading to Inform their Writing: The ‘Chunking’ Approach6th April 12:30pm6th May 9:30am
PSHE: Meeting the New Requirements6th April 2pm6th May 11am
SEN in the Mainstream6th April 3pm4th May 9:30am
Teaching Consent7th April 3pm12th May 9:30am
Working with your TA; Working with your Teacher8th April 11am4th May 11:30am
Sticky Knowledge: Driving up Retention for the New Ofsted Framework8th April 1pm4th May 3pm
Five Ideas for Primary P.E.8th April 2:30pm12th May 11am
Five Ideas for Primary History8th April 4pm12th May 1pm
More than a Transition Day: Using Long-Term Character Trait Development to Prepare Your Children for High School9th April 1pm15th May 9:30am
Equality, Equity, Justice: Protected Characteristics in the Primary Phase9th April 3pm15th May 11am
Don’t Drown in the Deep Dive: What to Expect from the New Ofsted Inspection Framework14th April 9am14th May 11:30am
Assessment in the New Ofsted Inspection Framework14th April 11am14th May 9:30am
Interventions that Work: Getting the Most out of Support Groups and Booster Groups14th April 3pm11th May 11:30am
Coaching for Children: Empowering your Students to Drive their own Learning15th April 3pm18th May 3pm
‘Spiritual’ is more than R.E.: Understanding the First ‘S’ of SMSC16th April 9am14th May 3pm
It’s Not Just Experiments: Expanding Your Science Enquiry Provision16th April 1pm21st May 3pm
Wake up to Wellbeing! Morning Exercises for the Whole Primary Cohort16th April 3pm22nd May 9:30am
Five Ideas for Primary Music17th April 9am20th May 1pm
Five Ideas for Primary R.E.17th April 11am21st May 11am
What a Good One Looks Like: What Should be in a Foundation Subject Lesson in the New Ofsted Inspection Framework?17th April 1pm22nd May 11am
Five Ideas for Primary Geography17th April 3pm22nd May 1:30pm

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