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INSET for your school, with a twist





Supporting schools - in a new way...

An INSET day usually requires a trainer to be at your school for a whole day, often presenting to all staff.  At TT Education we pride our selves on our amazing evaluation responses - at least 93% Excellent ratings for trainer or the training content.  That said, sometimes schools need more, so...

TT Education have creatively innovated to develop a new model of INSET.  Here's how it works:

  • An on-demand version of the full course content is released to all staff for 30 days
  • The content is delivered by our team of skilled and experienced consultants to our usual high standard
  • The same high-quality content can then be experienced by your team at a time that suits them
  • We plan for a follow-up session (or series of shorter sessions for smaller groups) to allow your staff to ask questions and ensure they understand how to apply the training to their own practice
  • This follow-up session is often led by the same person who delivered the initial content, or one of our senior consultants
  • INSET time is freed up for planning, teamwork and organisation - without reducing training IMPACT

One case-study school that has experienced this new kind of INSET:

Flixton Primary wanted two of our courses as INSETs - Achieving Greater Depth in English (click here) and Raising Attainment in Reading (click here).  The dates they booked were during lockdown, meaning it was tricky to get all the staff together, particularly for a whole day - so we shared our flexible INSET model with them.

For a week before the planned 'follow-up' sessions, each member of staff had a login allowing them to watch each of the two courses, in full, as many times as they liked.

The headteacher then organised staff forums to group people into those with similar responsibilities or sets of questions about how to apply the content.

Our Director of School Improvement then led two follow-up sessions; one where all staff accessed the opportunity to interact with him in smaller groups, and the second was with two subject leaders for over two hours.

The staff were very engaged and enjoyed the flexibility of being able to see the content in bite-size chunks.


...but what did the school say?

“The feedback from staff was really positive after our sessions - thank you for being so practical and responsive”

[Jason Redmond, Headteacher, Flixton Primary]

“You've given us so much to think about.  Thank you for your support.”

[Ceris Johnson, Flixton Primary]

We are now in ongoing conversations with Flixton - and many other schools - to make this approach available to even more schools in preparation for busy INSET times.

This model means you can access great training, when your staff find availability, without reducing IMPACT.

The benefits to your school:

  • The same, high-quality content that we always deliver
  • Professional, experienced consultants to ensure appropriate application to your setting
  • Greater flexibility and autonomy for staff to access the training when it suits them
  • Time saved on key days at the start of term, to allow other priorities to also be addressed
  • Assured IMPACT from the follow-up session, with a named consultant