Website Compliance Check Consultancy Package

Great schools use their websites to showcase their school, communicate with children and all stakeholders, and provide official information. However, it’s easy to set up a great website and let it go stale through lack of use. As an Ofsted requirement now, it’s important that you are providing the correct information and a positive user experience. Let us help you ensure your website is compliant with Ofsted and with GDPR.

  • A remote audit
  • Guidance on areas of non-compliance with Ofsted
  • A written report with suggestions for improvement
  • Guidance on website GDPR compliance

How it works

What we do: A remote check of your website, looking at user experience and whether it is fulfilling its statutory requirements (including GDPR).

What you do: Nothing at all! Sit back and rest easy in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about your website any more.

Outcome: You will receive a detailed report outlining our findings.

£250+VAT per website   (Terms & Conditions)

Purchase a Website Compliance Check Consultancy Package

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