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Computational Thinking in the Early Years

Computational thinking is not about computing - it’s about thinking! If we can start early in laying a great foundation for thinking, we set our children up to be resilient, purposeful thinkers in every part of their lives. This course is vitally important for all children in all subjects. Great habits for brilliant thinking are best started early.

  • Supports metacognitive approaches
  • Practical and immediately applicable
  • Useful across the curriculum

About this INSET

This INSET covers what computational thinking is and why it is important. As the title suggests, it does consider the logical thinking that is used in computing and technology but is mostly about laying foundations for thinking in the early years. There are lots of practical ideas to help teachers and support staff to embed computational thinking into all classrooms and everyday experiences. 

In this INSET, you will discover:

  • Why computational thinking is important in every area of the curriculum
  • What it does; how it affects your children’s problem-solving
  • Tips and tricks to create an environment that supports computational thinking
  • How you can implement it effectively in your classroom.



Suitable for Early Years leaders, Early Years practitioners and KS1 teachers

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