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Enabling Environments: How to Develop Your Learning Spaces

The publication ‘Development Matters’ (Early Education, 2012) highlights the importance of: engaging environments where children feel safe to take risks and explore; where rich learning experiences are designed to meet individual needs; and all learning is valued.

  • Explore the idea of ‘risk-taking’ in the early years
  • Develop an awareness of what comprises an effective learning environment
  • Give practical suggestions on how to capitalise on learning opportunities

About this course

The environment in which children learn can be seen as being just as important as what they are learning therefore it is vital that learning environments are matched to children’s needs and interests in order to engage them in the learning process. This on-demand training session will:

  • Support you in reviewing your learning spaces
  • Explore the idea of involving children in the development of learning spaces
  • Challenge you to innovate within your setting to facilitate deeper engagement in learning



This course is appropriate for EYFS.

  • Early years practitioners
  • Early years leads
  • Staff new to the early years

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