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Key Skills Series - Avoiding Unconscious Bias

In recent months and years we’ve become more aware of ‘systemic’ and indirect discriminations - the sexism, racism and ageism we might all be guilty of, without even realising. This course offers practical ideas for increasing our awareness of the issue, and suggests things we might do to address the problem.

  • Practical and supportive
  • Easily accessible
  • For school staff at all stages of their career
1 hour
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About this course

Unconscious bias is a fascinating area of psychology with huge implications for the workplace.  Some are well-known - like “confirmation bias” or the “gambler’s fallacy” - but there are many more that result in poor decision-making, mistakes and inefficiency, and even accidental bullying and discrimination. This course, which is part of our Key Skills in Educational Settings series, will provide you with:

  • An explanation of the main biases - and why they matter
  • Practical ideas for overcoming them, for you and your team
  • Links to the law around ‘Protected Characteristics’


  • Teachers, leaders and other school staff - at any stage of their career
  • Mentors and line managers, and senior leaders
  • School governors

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