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Don’t Fear the Blank Page: Using Poetry to Inspire Writing

The writing process is complicated, with lots of competing requirements, and this often makes it overwhelming for children. However, poetry can provide an engaging and empowering ‘way in’ to this process.

  • Break down the writing process into manageable steps
  • Reduce anxiety and empowering creativity
  • Four example poetry structures that you can try out straight away

About this course

One of the barriers to children’s writing development is the frustration and anxiety they often feel when they start each writing activity. What if they make a mistake? How do they write interesting sentences, with correct spellings, while also thinking about cohesion and structure? Poetical structures can be a safer, collaborative approach to help your children past that blank page anxiety. This short course will:

  • Explore some of our favourite poetry structures
  • Show how they can facilitate high-quality writing across the curriculum
  • Explain how this can improve self-esteem and confidence.



This course is appropriate for primary and special schools.

  • Teachers (KS1-2)
  • Teaching assistants
  • English and curriculum leads

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