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It's Good to Talk: Speaking and Listening to further Learning

One of our mantras at TT Education is that "Talk is thought" – that only when you talk something through can you realise if you've properly understood it. But in an oracy-poor society how do we develop our children's speaking and listening skills, to support and improve their learning? This course outlines the rationale for talk-based learning, provides suggestions for developing children's talk, and goes through dozens of pedagogical approaches that are based on talk.

  • Clear links to the National Curriculum
  • Progression approach to talk-as-learning
  • Practical and engaging

About this course

"Who needs the most practice talking in school?" asked the home-schooling advocate John Holt. "Who gets the most?" he added. We know how effective child-led and oracy-rich learning can be - and how engaging it is, too - but do we sometimes assume that children will just "soak up" these skills without explicit instruction?
This short course will:
  • Outline the research into talk-led learning - which has a central role in the 2014 National Curriculum
  • Explore ways to teach children to talk better - and listen to each other
  • Provide you with dozens of talk-based games and activities that will help children learn in all subjects


This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Headteachers, SLT and Curriculum Leads
  • Teachers (KS1-3)
  • TAs

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