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Phonics Catch-Up for KS2: Supporting Pupils out of Covid

2020 was an unprecedented year in English education, and its repercussions will be keenly felt for many years. A particular worry is that children's phonics knowledge may have suffered, since even the most enthusiastic parents and carers may have struggled in this highly-specialised area. This INSET helps KS2 teachers to provide that missed learning, and move phonics forward into sophisticated spelling support.

  • How to teach phonics
  • Address your children's phonic gaps
  • High-level support for KS2 spelling

About this INSET

One of the biggest concerns about the impact of Covid on our children's education is that they might have significant gaps in their phonics knowledge.  Even the most enthusiastic parents and carers will have struggled in this highly-specialist area, and it's not much less daunting for many KS2 staff. This INSET explains how you can fill those gaps, and it also suggests practical and engaging ways to use phonics knowledge for higher-level spelling and writing. 

  • Clear outline of the phonics 'phases' and the content children need to know
  • How phonics gaps can impact on KS2 learning - and how to overcome that
  • Using phonics to diagnose spelling issues, for more sophisticated support
  • Using phonics in spelling investigations, pushing your children to greater depth


This course is appropriate for primary and special schools.

  • Heads, SLT and English Coordinators at Junior / Middle Schools
  • English Coordinators, SLT and Headteachers at Primary Schools
  • Class teachers and TAs (KS2 - all years)
  • Teachers/TAs who are new to KS1 will also enjoy this course

How this works for your school

One of our experienced consultants would be happy to come to your school or deliver this INSET training online.

  • Our consultant would contact you to discuss your focus for the training
  • We would tailor the content according to your specific needs
  • Each member of your team would receive their own resource pack

Our INSET price varies depending on the number of staff attending. You may choose to open the training up to your Teaching Assistants and have a whole staff training experience. Or, you may wish to aim the training simply at your teaching staff.

Whatever you choose, we would ensure that our training targets all staff attending and that your staff receive an inspiring and engaging session. Please fill out the enquiry form below if you wish to find out more and receive a quote.

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