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Bar Modelling in Mathematics

Children often struggle to understand mathematical ideas if they move towards the “abstract” too quickly, and one of the most helpful pictorial approaches is the bar model. Watch this short course for a full explanation of how bar models work, and how they can help your children towards maths mastery.

  • Why is bar modelling such a powerful tool in primary mathematics?
  • How can bar models be used for all four number operations and more?
  • What does a progression in bar modelling look like?

About this INSET

One of the stages in TT Education’s Path to Success model is the idea of connectivity - the patterns and links that drive children towards more profound understanding, and better retention. Using the versatile and easily understood bar model approach, children can better see these patterns and links, and drive their maths attainment in the process. This training will:

  • Explain the rationale and evidence-base for bar modelling
  • Look at the various types of bar model, and their uses
  • Explore their role in developing number sense through number operations, word problems and more complex areas like ratio and algebra


This INSET is appropriate for primary and special schools.

  • Class teachers (all years)
  • Maths coordinators and curriculum leads
  • Senior leaders

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