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Mental Maths for Primary Schools

Mental maths is a vital part of a pupil’s skill set and this highly practical session will provide the essential techniques, as well as lots of practical and fun activities to support children with keeping their maths brains sharp!

  • Practical strategies to support both recall and calculation
  • Short-burst daily mental maths games to support long term memory
  • Activities to support concentration and confidence

About this INSET

Mental maths has, in some cases, become neglected, even though the skills underpin a lot of the core skills needed to be a successful mathematician. Practicing mental maths on a regular basis will not only help develop a ‘maths brain’, concentration and the application of maths skills, but will also help manage cognitive load, and build resilience and confidence in handling more complex problems.

Maths teachers, TAs and even parents will benefit from this INSET, which will help all
children develop ‘number sense’ and the ability to understand mathematical concepts.


  • Using mental maths to develop reasoning skills
  • Help reduce mistakes in problem-solving
  • Improve memory skills
  • Stimulate our pupils’ interest in numbers

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