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Shoulders of Giants: Cultural Capital in Maths

No teacher - and few pupils - would argue against the importance of maths. Its procedures are crucial life skills, and its thinking processes can develop understanding across the curriculum. But how often do we explore the lives and work of great mathematicians, particularly in the context of Ofsted’s focus on cultural capital?

  • Explore the importance of maths in history and other curriculum areas
  • Unpick the requirements for ‘cultural capital’
  • See how cultural capital can increase engagement and curiosity in mathematics

About this INSET

The National Curriculum defines ‘cultural capital’ in three parts: the essential knowledge to be an ‘educated citizen’; awareness of ‘the best that has been thought and said’; and an appreciation of human creativity. Elsewhere, it calls maths an ‘essential’, ‘creative’, ‘powerful and beautiful’ subject that has solved some of ‘history’s most intriguing problems’. How can we use these ideas in our maths teaching, and beyond?

This one-hour course will:

  • Provide you with starting points for a culture-in-maths curriculum
  • Explore the rationale and impact of this kind of approach
  • Show how this will improve your other maths learning, and outcomes in other subjects too



This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Class teachers (all years)
  • Maths coordinators and curriculum leads
  • Senior leaders

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