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Active Learning in the Foundation Subjects

Talk, collaboration and active learning are the three foundational approaches of TT Education’s award-winning Path to Success model. Children who can move while learning are more engaged and better behaved, and more likely to retain the knowledge and skills they gain in doing so.

  • Active strategies to support learning
  • Quick take-aways that you can put into practice straight away
  • Successful approaches - supporting staff towards creative morphology

About this INSET

Physical literacy refers to active methods of teaching and learning across the curriculum, and not just in P.E. Research shows that playful and active approaches allow children to disaggregate knowledge and piece it back together in a way that better suits their own brain and personality. This training - part of our 'Active Learning' portfolio and a companion to our Active Learning in the Humanities short course - looks at physical literacy in DT, art, music, foreign languages and computing.

  • Quick takeaways that can be easily put into practice
  • Explore the links between active learning and increased retention of knowledge and skills
  • Explore how physicality can improve wellbeing for pupils and teachers

This INSET is appropriate for primary and special schools.

  • Class teachers and assistants (all years)
  • Curriculum leads, subject coordinators, PE coordinators
  • Senior leaders

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