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Building Pupil Resilience

Resilience is a bit of a magic word in education: when you get it right, children learn from failure, persist in practice, manage fall-outs, overcome distractions, and much much more! So how do we teach resilience? This training explores how to develop resilience, and embed it into your school culture.

  • Practical ideas
  • Rooted in research and best practice
  • Suitable for teachers and leaders

About this INSET

Building resilience is a key life skill for children to enable them to overcome challenges, cope with the ups and downs of life and support themselves to be effective learners. With ideas for the whole school and classroom, there are lots of ways you can start building pupil resilience and encourage children to take control of their own destinies!

This training will provide you with:

  • An understanding of resilience and why this is important to develop
  • Active strategies to support building resilience across your school and classroom
  • Successful approaches to embed resilience in to your school culture
  • Quick wins that you can use in your classroom straight away

This training is appropriate for primary school staff.

  • Head teachers and senior leaders
  • Subject leaders
  • Class teachers EYFS, KS1 and KS2

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