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Character Education in Primary Schools

Alongside academic attainment, children’s personal development must surely be at the heart of a school’s purpose. Within this category, we find so-called ‘character traits’ like honesty, kindness, resilience and creativity: but how do we teach such abstract ideas? How do we assess them? And how do we find space for this in our already-busy timetables?

  • Effective and engaging
  • Fully in line with the latest Ofsted and DfE thinking
  • Practical tips and strategies

About this INSET

A recent government report found that only 54% of schools are familiar with the term “character education”. How do you develop “soft” skills like honesty, respect, resilience or kindness?  How do you create a systematic and rigorous “co-curriculum” that doesn’t divert time and energy from academic attainment? By attending this informative and engaging INSET you will:

  • Create a meaningful breakdown of ‘character’ to match your school values
  • Investigate how we can develop ‘character’ across the curriculum, and through exemplar characters in literature and real life
  • Explore a wide range of practical teaching approaches for common ‘character traits’


  • Head teachers and SLT
  • SMSC and PSHE leaders
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2

How this works for your school

One of our experienced consultants would be happy to come to your school to deliver this INSET training.  

  • Our consultant would contact you to discuss your focus for the training 
  • We would tailor the content according to your specific needs 
  • Each member of your team would receive their own resource pack

Our INSET price varies depending on the number of staff attending. You may choose to open the training up to your Teaching Assistants and have a whole staff training experience. Or, you may wish to aim the training simply at your teaching staff.

Whatever you choose, we would ensure that our training targets all staff attending and that your staff receive an inspiring and engaging session. Please fill out the enquiry form below if you wish to find out more and receive a quote.

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