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Complex Needs and Communication: The Behaviour Question

Increasing numbers of teachers at special needs schools are starting to question pupil behaviour. Is it disruptive? Is it due to medical diagnoses? Or, as we outline in this course, is it more to do with a need to communicate personal needs and thoughts?

  • Deeper understanding of pupil communication styles
  • A review of your school's response to behaviour
  • Activities to help support staff and pupils
  • A wider view of bheaviour as communication - and how to support this

About this INSET

With an increased focus on behaviour, it is important that all staff at your school / unit understand and can internalise the key drivers to pupil behaviour.  Our research and work with a wide range of special schools can help to unravel why pupils use and choose the behaviours they do, as well as support you in developing strategies that maximise understanding of the function of the behaviour – moving away from a focus on the behaviour itself.

This training will:

  • Give teachers a deeper understanding of what the functions of behaviour are.
  • Look at the skills required to be a successful teacher of pupils with complex needs.
  • Help you develop a consistent approach to behaviour response from adults in your special school or setting.
  • Provide you with a range of practical activities to demonstrate what classroom practice may look like.
  • Enable your school to continue its journey towards excellence.


  • Special school senior leaders
  • Special school behaviour leads
  • Special school teachers 

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