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Creating a Broad and Balanced Curriculum

How does your current curriculum provide your pupils with a rich and varied experience? This INSET Day will support you in designing a coherent, engaging curriculum to benefit pupils of all ages.

  • Cross-curricular support of literacy and maths
  • Create curriculum outlines
  • Intent / Implementation / Impact

About this INSET Day

The three key measures of an effective curriculum, according to Ofsted are Intent,
Implementation and Impact. How would your curriculum score on these three criteria?
Creating a Broad and Balanced Curriculum” is a CPD course that explores what is meant
by these three key measures. The course examines how we can define our curriculum
philosophy within these three measures, and what we can do to effectively design, develop,
implement and embed a curriculum that supports pupils in learning for their future.

By attending this course, you will:

• Understand how to design, develop and implement an effective curriculum that
is broad and balanced.
• Discover how other schools have successfully innovated in curriculum
design to benefit teaching and learning.
• Learn what is meant by “Intent”, “Implementation” and “Impact”, and how these criteria can help your school think about and develop its curriculum.

In addition, we will look at case studies of schools that have successfully innovated in their curriculum design - not for inspection, but for the benefits of their pupils.

Finally, we will support you in setting out your vision, Intent, Implementation strategies, and
Impact measures to take back to your school and start renewing your curriculum offer.

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