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Developing Creativity

Is creativity something you either have or don’t have, or is it a skill that we can all develop and grow? As thinking creatively and problem solving are added to international progress measures for schools, we explore how this vital skill can be embedded in every area of the curriculum.

  • An introduction to the importance of creativity across the curriculum
  • A way to evaluate our own creative strengths and areas for development
  • How to make your environment more creative
  • How to develop creative thinking and creative teachers

About this INSET

This short course looks at creativity as a skill that we can teach, and something all our pupils need to develop. We often think that creativity is only linked with an ability to paint, draw or make music, and therefore it’s something innate. But what if creativity is not a fixed talent, but a skill we can all grow?

This training opens up the discussion and suggests three practical areas where teachers can support children in developing their creativity.


  • Head teachers, SLT, MLT
  • Class teachers
  • EYFS, Primary, Secondary

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