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Empowering Support Staff in Secondary Schools and FE

Support staff can be a powerful tool, as part of an ambitious curriculum and in creating inclusive learning. Sometimes, though, they are left struggling to find direction, or to feel valued as part of the school team. This INSET will explore ways to avoid this and keep support staff feeling valued and enthusiastic.

  • Support students without creating ‘learned dependency’
  • Improve support staff’s confidence across the curriculum
  • including GCSE requirements
  • Ways to give support staff practical strategies and ideas for all subjects

About this INSET

TAs and LSAs fulfil a huge range of roles and services in our schools; their job can be stimulating and rewarding, providing expert support to enable independent learning, wider inclusion, support study skills and better emotional and physical wellbeing for our students. 

This INSET will help teachers provide effective direction for support staff and help TAs empower themselves to deliver more effective support, including for the most vulnerable. 

This INSET will explore how you can:

  • Recognise and celebrate how crucial support staff are!
  • Help support staff maintain professionalism
  • Develop their initiative and autonomy
  • Explore interactive and collaborative activities that can be used with students
  • Look at ways to challenge your students
  • Support TAs/LSAs in becoming a greater part of your school team

How this works for your school

One of our experienced consultants would be happy to come to your school to deliver this INSET training.  

  • Our consultant would contact you to discuss your focus for the training 
  • We would tailor the content according to your specific needs 
  • Each member of your team would receive their own resource pack

Our INSET price varies depending on the number of staff attending. You may choose to open the training up to your Teaching Assistants and have a whole staff training experience. Or, you may wish to aim the training simply at your teaching staff.

Whatever you choose, we would ensure that our training targets all staff attending and that your staff receive an inspiring and engaging session. Please fill out the enquiry form below if you wish to find out more and receive a quote.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this INSET day, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please fill in the form below to send us a message. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us by email: