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Geography Fieldwork in the Primary Phase

Fieldwork can be described as anything outside that involves geography talk, geography thinking and geography skills. But how do you ‘pin that down’ to make it meaningful and engaging for children? This INSET explores the concept of fieldwork and provides you with lots of teachable ideas.

  • Practical and engaging
  • Ideas for large fieldwork ‘events’ but also small-scale activities
  • Links to current Ofsted thinking around “disciplinary knowledge”

About this INSET

In its 2021 geography inspections report, Ofsted was critical of the quality of fieldwork in KS2. Children were visiting places, but they weren’t making observations and gathering data while they were there or analysing and presenting this in the classroom.  “Fieldwork,” the inspectors said, “is vital to geographical practice”.  This INSET provides a wide range of fieldwork ideas, not just for KS2 but also KS1 and the EYFS.

This course will:

  • Explore the meaning of ‘fieldwork’ according to a range of geography experts
  • Unpick the confusion around related concepts like ‘enquiry’ and ‘skills’
  • Consider assessment and cross-curricularity


  • Headteachers and SLT
  • Geography leaders / humanities leads
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2

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