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Online Safety and Digital Resilience

In an ever-changing, digitally complex world, ensuring the safety of pupils and adults online is an important safeguarding duty. This INSET will help guide leaders, governors and teachers through the protective factors that schools need to consider and implement around online safety.

  • Ensure a consistent understanding of ‘online safety’ across the school
  • Explore the current legislation and requirements on schools with regards to online safety
  • Know how the curriculum can support online safety learning
  • Develop an understanding of ‘digital resilience’ and how to support mental health and wellbeing online

About this INSET

This INSET training will help you to unpick the current legislation around online safety in schools and develop a clearer understanding of what the requirements for the teaching of online safety is. 

  • Understand what online safety is.
  • Learn what the recent statutory changes mean for schools.
  • Understand the key online risks, including cyber bullying, cyber-crime, sexualised behaviour and peer-on-peer abuse.
  • Consider Safer Recruitment links to online behaviours
  • Consider how pupils and staff can be protected through a whole-school approach including policy, procedures, roles and teaching and learning.
  • Explore mental health links to online behaviours, including the importance of digital resilience to support pupils’ wellbeing.



  • Teachers
  • School leaders
  • Governors

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