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Problem Solving is Not a Problem!

When we refer to problem solving in maths it is fair to say that most of us will immediately associate that with a series of worded problems. Whilst worded problems are a valid form of problem solving, they are just one way of approaching this aspect of maths teaching and learning and as educators, we should be exposing our pupils to a much wider variety of contexts in order to develop well-rounded pupils who can tackle maths challenges in a variety of contexts.

  • Support you in meeting the ‘problem solving and reasoning’ requirements of the National Curriculum
  • Explore ways in which simple problems can be extended and developed
  • Develop your understanding of the different types problem solving

About this INSET

In effective maths lessons problem solving and reasoning go hand-in-hand and form an important part of the requirements of the National Curriculum. Equally, in effective maths lessons, problem solving and reasoning are woven through and are not just done as one-off lessons at the end of a topic. Just like anything else, children need to have regular opportunities to practise problem solving and reasoning skills to enable them to internalise and develop these skills.

This training will: 

  • Provide you with quick takeaways that can be easily put into practice
  • Increase confidence in teaching problem solving 
  • Support you in driving up standards of teaching and learning in maths



This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Class teachers and assistants (all years)
  • Maths leads
  • Key stage leaders
  • Senior leaders


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