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Spiritual is more than R.E.: Understanding the First ‘S’ of SMSC

Spirituality is as much an awareness of ourselves as it is an awareness of anything beyond ourselves. So how do we, in a secular age, encourage pupils to engage with and understand their ‘spirit’ - whether or not they have a faith-based ‘spiritual’ side? What inspires you? Where do you feel most at peace?

  • Activities to stimulate thought and discussion
  • Build a culture of supportive individuals
  • Explore 'spiritual' learning within the SMSC framework

About this INSET

This training session explores the importance of pupils understanding their spirit - their ‘self’ - and how this deeper understanding can positively affect their learning, personal relationships and, above all, their ability to find happiness.  

This training session will provide you with:

  • Opportunities to explore all facets of ‘spiritual’ learning within the SMSC framework
  • Activities that stimulate thought, discussion and personal development
  • Proven strategies to build a culture of supporting individuals and their ‘spirit’ throughout your school



This course is appropriate for primary and special schools.

  • Headteachers, senior leaders, subject leaders, SMSC, class teachers, TAs
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2


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