Think Like a Scientist: Scientific Thinking Across the Curriculum

Science lessons are a chance for pupils to explore the world around them, investigate, enquire and ask questions. Within science lessons we support children to develop these questions, plan lines of enquiry, investigate different scientific phenomena and develop their ‘cultural capital’.

About this course

The process of scientific investigation is, by its nature, a mastery approach to learning. Pupils have the opportunity to plan, enquire, experiment, and then evaluate, considering each aspect of their learning as they go and revisiting parts to make improvements and hone their skills. So therefore, why should we not utilise this process in all areas of the curriculum?

This training will: 

  • Support your understanding of the transferability of scientific enquiry skills
  • Explore ways in which to use enquiry language in different subjects
  • Support you in raising pupil attainment



This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Senior, Curriculum and Key Stage Leads
  • Class teachers and TAs
  • EYFS, KS1 and KS2

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