Thirty Second Challenge: Games to Support 'Partner Talk' Across the Curriculum

One of our mantras at TT Education is that "talk is thought" – that only when you talk something through can you realise if you've properly understood it. But, when we ask children to discuss things in ‘talk partners’, how can we be sure they’re all on task and actually learning? This INSET introduces ten games that provide an engaging structure for partner talk, and shows how they can apply across the curriculum.

  • Practical and engaging
  • Clear links to National Curriculum contexts
  • Help children know more and remember more

About this INSET

"Who needs the most practice talking in school?" asked the home-schooling advocate John Holt. "Who gets the most?" he added. We know how effective child-led and oracy-rich learning can be - and how engaging it is, too - but how can we maximise the talk while ensuring that children stay on task so they actually learn? This training will:

  • Outline the research into talk-led learning - which has a central role in the 2014 National Curriculum;
  • Explore ten games that support ‘partner talk’ in an engaging way;
  • Show how these work in all subjects, and at different levels of learning.

This INSET is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Headteachers, SLT and Curriculum Leads
  • Teachers and TAs
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3

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