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Challenging Conversations: Feedback and Support to Improve

Supporting staff can be fraught with challenges. Choosing the right tone, approach, setting to convey your message so it has impact is tricky. Maintaining improvements after that initial conversation can be trickier. How can we improve, whilst keeping people on board? We will look at:

  • How to get the best from professionals across your school
  • Challenge whilst maintaining working relationships
  • Building a toolkit of appropriate challenge

About this INSET

‘Holding people to account’, ‘improving standards of education’, ‘challenging underperformance’.  All of these can be ideas that cause anxiety for a range of leaders – but it doesn’t have to be like this.  Our experiences of senior leadership and subject leadership across the whole education landscape have shown us that there are ways of ensuring challenge and sustained improvement – without impacting on wellbeing or good teamwork.

This training shares several of our strategies for working with complex teams in, and beyond, your school setting. We will look at:

  • A range of forms of communication – and their best uses
  • Active listening as a leader to ensure clarity of communication
  • Planning your challenge – and how to have ‘difficult conversations’
  • Clarifying your expectations to help you bring the best for pupils.

This course is appropriate for secondary schools.

  • Secondary School senior leaders
  • Secondary school subject & middle leaders
  • All age ranges

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