Classroom Management Skills for Support Staff

This course will help support staff understand the psychology of the classroom and provide a range of strategies to cope with low-level disruption, as well as ways of making sure the behaviour does not re-occur. We will discuss a series of practical evidence-based strategies to help manage ourselves, as well as the learners. The whole course has a clear focus on how effective classroom management provides better outcomes for learners.

  • Practical ideas when entering an unknown classroom
  • Identifying and coping with the ‘hotspots’ of the lesson
  • Exploring case studies to make sure we always have a plan B and even a plan C
  • How to manage ourselves in situations of stress and conflict
1 day
£265 + VAT
9:15 - 15:30
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About this course

Throughout the day, we will focus on the unique situations that you find yourself in as support staff  and provide a series of tried and trusted practical ideas that help you cope with those situations. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions so that we can deal with specific situations and use those as stepping stones to explore how we can not only deal with difficult behaviour in a classroom but actually promote the positive behaviours that or essential for learners if they are to achieve their full potential.

  • Use the ABC of behaviour management; the Antecedents; the Behaviour; the Consequences
  • Develop and practice the use of a behaviour toolkit
  • Learn strategies to engage a class and to re-direct
  • Explore effective ways of managing ourselves, keeping calm and using language that avoids confrontation 
  • Take ownership of the class - develop your confidence as an essential part of the students’ learning


This course is appropriate for secondary schools.

How to access this course

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