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Coaching and Mentoring in Secondary Schools and FE

Coaching and mentoring has benefits far beyond the actual one-to-one or group sessions. It can change the culture of the school and create a sense of community and belonging. Peer mentoring provides learners with a range of life skills and the whole programme can use TAs, support coaches, grounds staff, administrators etc., as well as teachers, thereby creating a sense of cohesion throughout the school or college. This INSET will focus on skills that can be useful for mentoring both young learners and adults.

  • Develop the skills to use coaching and mentoring in a wide range of contexts
  • Explore different models of coaching and mentoring that can easily be adapted to suit your needs
  • Implement coaching and mentoring programmes that support both academic needs and wellbeing
  • Know how to make sure that we are actually working on the right problem and that the actions are both practical and achievable and relevant to those we are working with

About this INSET

The skills and strategies that we will explore on this course will help you in making decisions as to how best to support a range of both children and adults. You will go away not only with a series of practical ideas that make any coaching or mentoring session engaging but also a way of structuring those sessions over time to make sure that the process is both manageable and successful.

Throughout the day, we will have a chance to try out practical ideas and the different ways in which they may be contextualised for your potential mentees. We will be looking at the essential differences between coaching and mentoring, as well as critiquing the various models to see which would work best for your specific situation. This means the session will be appropriate both for coaching and mentoring our children and teachers.

  • Setting up effective peer mentoring programmes: considering the practicalities 
  • Identify what works – factors that can improve the effectiveness of mentoring
  • Use evidence-based approaches to find what works best in schools and colleges
  • Learn the skills for both academic and pastoral mentoring
  • Develop structured activities for mentors and protégés
  • Discuss mentoring as a part of a whole-school approach to raising attainment


This INSET is appropriate for secondary schools.

How to access this course

This course is easy-to-access in any of the below formats...

  • Face-to-face at COVID-secure venues across England on the dates below. Please click here to see our COVID-19 update.
  • Via livestream on the dates below - accessible from home, from your school, or anywhere with an interconnected device.
  • School-wide license, for every member of staff in your school to watch for a period of 30 days. Please contact us to purchase your school-wide license for this course.
  • An INSET or after-school twilight at your school, tailored to your requirements. Contact us for your personalised quote.

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