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Disciplinary Knowledge: The Essential Guide for Secondary Schools

It is our responsibility as teachers to identify the different types of knowledge a subject requires if we are to do our best for our students. Whilst reading Ofsted subject reviews you may have come across the term ‘disciplinary knowledge’ and this training highlights its importance, explores essential teaching approaches, and looks at how to embed the concept within an ambitious curriculum for all subjects.

  • Find out what is meant by ‘disciplinary knowledge’ and how important it is to students’ achievement
  • Practical teaching ideas to put this into practice
  • Workshop opportunity to embed disciplinary knowledge in your subject

About this INSET

The phrase ‘disciplinary knowledge’ can be found in reports, articles and advice across the internet, but do we really know what it means, what it looks like, and how to teach it? This course explores all you need to know about disciplinary knowledge and how it becomes part of the curriculum. The training provides opportunities for all subject teachers to explore the role of disciplinary knowledge in raising attainment and encouraging engagement.



  • Introducing students to disciplinary knowledge
  • Effective teaching of disciplinary knowledge
  • Workshop session: putting it into practice
  • Working effectively as a practitioner - communicating and presenting knowledge 
  • Linking disciplinary knowledge to careers and next steps

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