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Getting Children to Talk About Art

This INSET introduces you to the key concepts, vocabulary and history that you need for a high-quality art curriculum at primary school, and provides you with a range of practical ideas to embed this knowledge in the classroom.

  • What are the Elements of Art?
  • A run-through of the history of western art
  • Engaging activities to help children talk about art

About this INSET

The National Curriculum for Art gives considerable prominence to art history and art theory, but this can be a bit daunting for primary practitioners who might prefer to focus on the creative side of the subject instead.  This INSET introduces the key concepts and ideas in art such as the ‘Elements of Art’ and key movements in western art history.

This INSET will cover:

  • Introduction to art history, with examples of work and artists
  • Clear explanations for the ‘elements’ of art, and the associated vocabulary
  • How to help children use this knowledge in art appreciation, and to develop their artistic creativity
  • Where to go for good quality support to improve your practical skills and knowledge



  • SLT and art coordinators
  • Class teachers and TAs
  • This course mainly focuses on KS1-2, but is also useful for EYFS staff

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