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Leading Literacy to Outstanding in KS3 and KS4

This INSET will explore the essential skills and approaches we need to lead our English departments to outstanding, as well as ensuring that literacy thrives across the school and enabling all students to access the various curricula successfully.

  • Identifying the elements that make an outstanding English curriculum
  • Effective ways of working
  • to support our staff to do their best for the students
  • Pedagogy and curriculum structures to support all learners

About this INSET

This INSET will explore how leaders of literacy and English can ensure they do the best for all their students, and will cover areas such as literacy across the curriculum to support students’ learning in other subjects, as well as making sure students gain knowledge in sufficient depth, while developing their love of English.

Throughout the day, we will investigate how to make ambitious and deliberate choices about the essential knowledge pupils need to know by the end of their journey in English language and literature, as well as how to manage and support staff to ensure consistency and cohesion.

We will consider:

  • How to recognise what outstanding looks like in the English classroom
  • Ways to ensure leaders’ have clear intentions for the curriculum
  • The choices we make as to which texts to critique
  • The identification of effective pedagogy in English lessons, to guarantee students fulfil their potential  
  • How to enhance the position of English in the school
  • Ways to develop a comprehensive CPD strategy, to support all our staff

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