The Path to Success: Secondary and Beyond

Students at secondary school still need to continually improve oracy, fluency, numeracy and communication; and our focus on the written form for evidence can sometimes divert our attention from how we achieve engagement and progress. This online training shares our Path to Success – and how it can have a positive impact on learning at your secondary school.

About this INSET

At every secondary school, the needs of children are varied as they have different experiences from primary age.  This can lead to an environment where some students can feel left behind.  Through our experiences with a wide range of secondary schools we know that our Path to Success can bring all students together, in ways that support learning, whilst ensuring they are engaged and supported – regardless of prior experience or academic ability.

This short course shares several of our favourite approaches for developing and delivering personalised, irresistible learning in a wide range of environments.

  • Experience, Play, Use, Develop, Connect – the essence of developmental learning
  • A range of activities to use across your school to support collaborative learning
  • Evidencing learning through a wide range of resources.



This course is appropriate for secondary schools.

  • Secondary School Senior, Middle and Subject Leaders
  • Secondary School Class teachers
  • All age ranges

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