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Creating a Curriculum of Wonder: Irresistible Learning in Special Schools

How do you maintain academic rigour, high expectations, pupil engagement AND meet the wider requirements of children with complex needs? This interactive INSET will take you through the stages of curriculum design, all with a special needs focus.

  • Achieve irresistible learning
  • Ensure equality of accessibility
  • Build pupil autonomy
  • Empower staff towards creativity

About this INSET

With an increased focus on curriculum, it is more important than ever to construct curriculum and learning models that benefit all pupils – and nowhere is this more challenging than in special schools, where the needs of pupils are both complex and varied.  How can we create a curriculum that builds in academic progress, supports learning for life skills, engages children in their own areas of interest AND supports the therapeutic needs of each child?  Utilising our experiences with special schools across the UK, supported by our Path to Success, we will take you through all the stages of curriculum Intent, design, Implementation, monitoring and Impact – to focus on moving your children from dependence to greater independence.

This training will:

  • Give teachers a deeper understanding of what it takes to design an engaging curriculum.
  • Look at the skills required to be a successful curriculum leader.
  • Focus on developing cohesion across the curriculum, ensuring flexibility, agility and rigour.
  • Provide you with a range of practical activities to demonstrate what classroom practice may look like.
  • Consider how assessment models can support great learning, not just drive them.
  • Enable your school to continue its journey towards excellence.



This course is appropriate for special schools.

  • Special school senior leaders
  • Special school curriculum leads
  • Special school teachers with responsibility for an area of the school’s curriculum

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