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Positive Approaches to Understanding and Supporting Learners with ADHD

Many children go through phases when they are restless or inattentive; this doesn't necessarily mean they have ADHD. However, when short attention spans, constant fidgeting and acting impulsively become barriers to their education and their lives, this course will help find ways in which we can make effective and reasonable adjustments to support their education.

  • Practical strategies to support learners with ADHD
  • Understanding ADHD
  • Helping children with ADHD to get the most out of school

About this INSET

The aim of this training is to help everyone understand what we know about ADHD and to understand the signs and symptoms of ADHD, to enable us to put ourselves in the position of the learner. We will then explore practical strategies and ideas for how we can support learners in all areas, including literacy and numeracy.

  • Discover strategies for teaching learners with short attention spans
  • Understand how an ADHD student is feeling
  • Promoting equity in the classroom - giving all students what they need to succeed
  • Learn practical ways to remove the frustrations learners with ADHD can be feeling

This INSET is appropriate for special schools.

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