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Positive Approaches to Understanding and Supporting Learners with ASD

Autistic spectrum disorder affects both communication and behaviour. While diagnosis can happen at any stage in life, it is often referred to as a developmental disorder, as it often shows signs fairly early on, and can be the cause of some emotional immaturities for some learners. We use the word spectrum because of the wide range of symptoms children with ASD can experience. This INSET will explore this wide range of variations and identify ways of working with individuals to support their development as well-rounded learners.

  • Practical ideas to support learners with ASD
  • Understanding the symptoms and variations
  • Creating an appropriate learning environment
  • How to make a range of reasonable and manageable adjustments

About this INSET

This training is for everyone who wants to understand more about Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the impact it can have on our learners.  We will explore the theoretical underpinning and signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as practical strategies to support students with ASD. There will be ample opportunities to discuss the application of strategies in your own context.

  • Identify key features of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Explore myths and facts about ASD
  • Apply the Triad of Impairments
  • Gain a series of practical strategies to support learners

This INSET is appropriate for special schools.

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