Raising the Achievement in Literacy and Numeracy in Special Schools

Numeracy, literacy and communication skills will be essential for our learners’ development and wellbeing. In this INSET, we shall be looking at many evidence-led creative and multi-sensory approaches to teaching in these areas. We want all learners have access to a full and meaningful curriculum as far as possible and this course will explore how this can be done in our unique circumstances.

  • Develop and evaluate and review your literacy and numeracy curriculum
  • Create a toolbox of inclusive and engaging and relevant games/activities
  • Understand the impact high expectations have on our learners

About this INSET

As well as covering the basics, we will be looking at the importance of providing a wide range of reading and stimulus materials, and a wide range of approaches to teaching literacy and numeracy. 

Throughout the INSET, we will be looking at examples of individual needs and exploring how learners can apply their skills in relevant contexts as part of their development of life skills, communication skills and independence.

  • Develop confidence in teaching literacy and numeracy to learners with a range of disabilities 
  • Develop a toolkit of ideas to make literacy and numeracy exciting
  • Use a concrete-pictorial-abstract sequence help embed learning
  • Understand the hierarchy of, and prerequisites to, learning
  • Ensure learning is accessible, diverse and inclusive
  • Create dynamic, challenging and exciting schemes of work


This course is appropriate for special schools.

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