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Teaching in a Special Needs Setting: Communication in Complexity

Teaching in a special school – or provision in mainstream – adds extra complexity to the job of teaching.  This short on-demand course will help you understand the skills required to successfully work with multiple external agencies, for the benefits of your pupils.

  • School-wide licence for everyone at your school
  • Pupils at the heart – driving improvements through understanding pupil needs
  • Challenge whilst maintaining working relationships
  • How to get the best from professionals outside of your school

About this INSET

At every special school, the needs of children are varied, complex and individualised.  This means we need to work with a much wider range of individuals and professionals than you might find in a mainstream setting.  Through our experiences with a wide range of special schools – and special provisions within mainstream schools – we know that our leadership and communication approaches can support you in getting the best from your pupils, without compromising on standards or expectations.

This short course shares several of our strategies for working with complex teams in, and beyond, your school setting.  We will look at:

  • A range of forms of communication – and their best uses
  • Active listening as a leader to ensure clarity of communication
  • Planning your challenge – and how to have ‘difficult conversations’
  • Clarifying your expectations to help you bring the best for pupils.



This course is appropriate for special schools.

  • Special School Subject and Middle Leaders
  • Special School Class teachers and TAs
  • All age ranges

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