Wellbeing in Special Schools: Helping Adults Deal with Challenge

Working in a special school, or provision within mainstream, often brings greater – and certainly more diverse – day to day experiences than you might expect.  Extreme behaviours, personal care & support, a wider range of adults and children to interact with, as well as emotional highs and lows of dealing with pupils who have complex needs. This short course considers the importance of wellbeing in a special education needs setting.

  • Speaking up – it’s ok to not be ok
  • Activities for wellness of the mind and body
  • Personal reflectiveness and self-regulation

About this INSET

At every special school, the needs of children are varied, complex and individualised.  This can lead to an environment where the emotional, physical and mental impact on adults can be both unexpected and extreme.  Through our experiences with a wide range of special schools – and special provisions within mainstream schools – we know that our approaches can support adults in maintaining good emotional health, without compromising on standards for pupils.

This course shares several of our favourite approaches for developing wellbeing for all adults in a special needs setting.  We explore:

  • Good communication to ensure support – and being supported
  • Practical activities for daily life to help regulate and manage emotions
  • Wellbeing as a team and an individual – lifting each other, collaborating to success
  • Maintaining sustainable good working practices – at every level of your school.



This course is appropriate for special schools.

  • Special School Senior, Middle and Subject Leaders
  • Special School Class teachers and TAs
  • All age ranges

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