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Mastery is Not Just for Maths

The term ‘mastery’ has become synonymous with maths over the last few years as we have developed an understanding of how other countries successfully teach their maths curriculums. We have learnt a great many lessons about approaches to teaching and learning in maths.

  • Explore adaptable approaches to maths teaching
  • Improve teacher knowledge of problem solving and reasoning strategies that can be used more widely
  • Explore how we can use the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to support learning across the curriculum
  • School-wide licence for everyone at your school
1 hour
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30 Days
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About this course

Mastery refers to one’s level of understanding and competence within a certain discipline. The first step in developing mastery practices within a curriculum would be to develop deep understanding of what mastery is and what it might look like in a classroom environment. We will use TT Education’s award-winning Path to Success model, also known as our ‘mastery cycle’ to explore how approaches more commonly seen in maths lessons can be applied across the curriculum.

This training will: 

  • Develop your understanding of mastery
  • Provide you with some quick takeaways that can be easily put into practice
  • Support you in driving up standards across the curriculum


This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Class teachers and assistants (all years)
  • Curriculum leads
  • Key stage leads
  • Senior leaders

About on-demand training

The school-wide licence for this short course costs just £99+VAT and provides access to every member of staff at your school.

By purchasing this on-demand training:

  • The course will be made available to every member of staff in your school to watch for a period of 30 days.
  • Every member of staff in your school can log in independently from home or wherever they are.
  • Your team can watch the training at a time that suits them - on-demand - and will be able to pause or rewind to review sections.


How to purchase:

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£99.00 + VAT