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The Path to Success: Complex Needs and Engagement

Children with complex needs start school with vary varied levels of oracy, numeracy and communication; and our focus on the written form for evidence can sometimes divert our attention from how we achieve engagement and progress. This on-demand course shares our Path to Success – and how it can have a positive impact on learning at your special school.

  • The Path to Success; engaging investigative fun
  • The importance of flexibility in delivery
  • Personalised engagement – irresistible learning
  • School-wide licence for everyone at your school
1 hour
Access For
30 Days
£99.00 + VAT

About this course

This on-demand short course costs just £99+VAT for a school-wide licence, providing 30 days access to every member of staff in your school.

For further information on how to purchase this training, please take a look at the 'About on-demand training' section below.

Course overview:

At every special school, the needs of children are varied, complex and individualised.  This can lead to an environment where nurture and care can supplant academic rigour.  Through our experiences with a wide range of special schools – and special provisions within mainstream schools – we know that our Path to Success can bring the nurturing and the academic together in ways that support learning whilst ensuring pupils are engaged and supported – regardless of need.

This short training session shares several of our favourite approaches for developing and delivering personalised, irresistible learning in a wide range of environments.

  • Elaborative dialogue, tentative talk, sustained shared thinking and other forms of communication
  • Active listening to encourage children to talk, including intensive interactions
  • Planning your talk to match the learning objective, as well as personalised targets for life
  • Evidencing through a wide range of sources and routes.



This course is appropriate for special schools.

  • Special School Senior, Middle and Subject Leaders
  • Special School Class teachers and TAs
  • All age ranges

About on-demand training

The school-wide licence for this short course costs just £99+VAT and provides access to every member of staff at your school.

By purchasing this on-demand training:

  • The course will be made available to every member of staff in your school to watch for a period of 30 days.
  • Every member of staff in your school can log in independently from home or wherever they are.
  • Your team can watch the training at a time that suits them - on-demand - and will be able to pause or rewind to review sections.


How to purchase:

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£99.00 + VAT