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Tailored, award-winning consultancy for school improvement


In these challenging times, it's important to us at TT Education that we do all we can to continue our support of your school on your journey to excellence. To this end, I am delighted to be able to offer you some alternatives to face to face consultancy that will allow us to continue our work together. These include:

  • Our 'full-session' approach, remotely, whereby we have a scheduled slot for agreed members of staff / groups of staff as needed.
  • Splitting up consultancy support into a number of sessions over a series of days, to allow more flexibility for your staff. This would also be live and conversational to help teachers and leaders focus and move things forwards.
  • Use consultancy time more flexibly - whereby your staff can send ideas / documents / plans to for our consultants to review and respond to.

We're working with a number of schools in this way, using our online streaming platform and easy-to-use webinar portals. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page, to find out how we can work with you and your leaders in this way.

We're also offering a range of other online training services, including a selection of CPD Webinars, and our remote training for all your staff via INSET Online.

Consultancy for School Improvement

We'll work with you to build a completely bespoke package of training and consultancy to target your specific goals and raise standards in your school. You'll receive effective, cohesive support from our team of experts, selected specifically to deliver long-lasting, positive change around your school's key objectives. For more information, please complete the form below.

✔ Experienced, knowledgeable and friendly: We are experienced senior leaders and outstanding teachers, with expertise in leadership and learning across the primary curriculum.

✔ A tailored, personalised service: From model lessons to planning support, we make sure that we adapt to the needs of your school.

✔ Flexibility: Anything from a morning to a year-long package of CPD - we make the most the time and budget you have available.

We also provide a range of consultancy packages on topics such as English, maths, leadership, data analysis, closing the gap and more. See below for further information, or to enquire about how we might be able to support your school, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Consultancy packages: leadership / data...


Our team of leadership consultants work alongside headteachers, governors and senior leaders to raise standards and build capacity. With a cohesive, innovative series of training and consultancy sessions, you can be confident that your school's improvement will be positive and sustainable.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT PACKAGE: We will help you implement supportive Performance Management throughout your school.

SAFEGUARDING AUDIT & PLAN: Ensure you are completely happy with your policies and procedures, and understand how safeguarding is impacted by behaviour & exclusion patterns.

CLOSING THE GAP: Analysis to demonstrate the progress made by vulnerable pupils - plus an action plan for impact from your pupil premium budget. 

PRIMARY CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE: Create an Ofsted compliant curriculum that is coherent, engaging and benefits pupils of all ages.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PARTNERS: This package includes joint book scrutinies, climate walks and discussions around data, targets and triangulation.

WEBSITE COMPLIANCE CHECK: We'll provide a remote audit so you can be confident that your website is compliant with the latest Ofsted guidelines and GDPR.

“TT Education have listened fully to our improvement requests and put together a bespoke programme of CPD for our school. We have been able to deliver on the priorities in our School Development Plan priorities and immediately address Ofsted actions following an inspection during the year. We have been impressed with the quality of consultants who have worked with us and appreciated their flexibility to amend delivery to suit the audience. A hugely beneficial service to the school and we will purchase again next year.” [Darren Williams, Executive Headteacher, CPD Schools Federation, London - Central Park and Dersingham Primary Schools]


Consultancy packages: teaching & learning...


Our Teaching & Learning Consultancy Packages draw on research and experience at the cutting edge of best practice in the primary classroom.

ENGLISH ATTAINMENT PACKAGE: Our experienced consultants can help you improve the teaching and learning of English at your school.

MATHS ATTAINMENT PACKAGE: Expert consultancy to support you in improving pupil progress and attainment in primary maths.

TEACHING & LEARNING REVIEW PACKAGE: For an independent review of the teaching and learning in your school, look no further!

EARLY YEARS INNOVATION AUDIT: A package of EYFS support including skills audit, validation of baseline assessment, leadership support and model lessons.

DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE SUPPORT PACKAGE: Unlock the potential of TAs and HLTAs to improve children's attainment with this consultancy package.

PROGRESS ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: Whether you lead science, art, geography, history, music, PE or ICT, we can help you to improve outcomes for children.

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