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ZingiTT - Empowering parents, empowering children

ZingiTT for schools

It is no exaggeration to say that the involvement of parents is the single biggest factor in children’s attainment. If you want to increase your children’s confidence and achievement, you need their parents on board!

However, many parents feel that the primary classroom is completely incomprehensible. School workshops are great, but often poorly attended by working parents. So why not give parents a whole series of little workshops in their pockets instead? “ZingiTT” is an online bank of short video clips explaining and expanding on everything parents need to know to effectively support their children.

As well as helping you to improve parental engagement, ZingiTT will also generate funding for your school, with money from every subscribing parent being banked towards your school's CPD!

ZingiTT for parents

ZingiTT provides dozens of videos to help you to:

  • Connect with your children’s education and understand ‘school speak’
  • Short video clips to watch on the go, on any device
  • Each video answers a question frequently asked by parents of primary school children
  • Videos propose simple, easy games and activities to do with your children
  • Activities require no preparation and support children’s classroom learning
  • Monthly, live webinars available on demand, to address topical issues

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